Coaching Process

The Coaching process

How it works
  1. I run a first diagnostic session in order to define all of your goals, the framework of the support, the number of sessions, their content and duration.
  2. Coaching is governed by a contract signed during the first session.
  3. Coaching takes place in working sessions of 1:15-1:30, spaced one to two weeks apart. Each session allows you to measure your progress and move towards your goal, by putting in place new actions points.
  4. A wrap-up session takes place at the end of each coaching session. This aims to take track  the achievement of your goal, of your coaching journey and to open up new perspectives.
  5. Personal work may be offered to you between sessions and this will be also the subject of a debriefing on the following session.

• First 30-minute telephone interview offered
• An appointment not canceled at least 24 hours before remains due
• The duration of each session is 1H15-1H30
• Payment in advance (before each session)

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