What is Coaching ?

What is coaching

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Life Coaching is a guide that relies on many tools, through questions and practical exercises from different approaches, such as narrative practices, positive psychology, systemic analysis, emotional logic.

The role of the coach is not to give you advice, but to direct you and lead you to ask yourself the right questions in order to set up a course that suits you. Once the answers have been recognized, you can experience a chosen transition, respecting your choices, to find the levers in order to carry out your project and take action.

In addition, thanks to my various activities, my numerous individual accompaniments and my collective accompaniments, I have developed a coaching practice tools that uses creativity to bring out awareness and counter decision-making biases, develop decision-making skills, stimulate concentration and ingenuity.

I also use exercises from hypnosis based on the conscious and the unconscious where I put into words and images your inner representations. I also work on mental representation, dynamic relaxation, visualization to succeed in reaching the state of Flow sought for the development of personal and professional performance.

Life coaching is really just a conversation between 2 people with 100% confidentiality, without any judgment, with kindness, authenticity and positivity.


The role of the Coach:


1. LISTEN – what you say and what you don’t say.


2. ASK QUESTIONS – this will challenge you and make you think.


3. BRING THINGS TO YOUR ATTENTION – I see and hear things that you yourself don’t notice.


4. EXCHANGE AND EXPLORE TOOLS to put in place a concrete action plan to activate change.


5. ACCOMPANY you towards self-knowledge of yourself, to enable you to act independently when problems arise.