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Coaching, Hypnosis & NLP, Pro DanceSport Teacher & Adjudicator

Marioara Cheptene is a Certified Professional Coach Level 7 RNCP, with a professional certification issued by Linkup Coaching (European Centre for Professional Coaching). Marioara has built her reputation in dancesport at the highest level where she has won three World Champion titles. Marioara is certified as well in Ericksonian Hypnosis & NLP.


I am a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner, Author, Dancesport Trainer and Adjudicator. Practising sport at the highest level for more than 23 years and training couples professionally, has influenced me to pursue a career as a life, mind and body coach. The coaching & hypnosis sessions will meet the clients needs by following methodologies and techniques recognised in NLP & Therapy . Its main goal is to expand self-reliance on a personal and professional level.

What attracts me is the systemic path of the session: thought – speech – action. Self-reliance, empowerment, confidence, defining goals and action points are the key outcomes of the process.

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This book serves as a detailed account of my path towards achieving my childhood dream.
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Marioara Cheptene

Certified Consulting Coach Level 7 RNCP
Valérie Noël

Coaching with Marioara means a lot of kindness, listening and attention entirely dedicated to your client. Without a doubt, Marioara is there to support you towards the set goal! I recommend her without hesitation!”

Valérie Noël

Hélène Ferrari
If there are coaches who support their clients towards achieving their goals and inner balance, conversely, it is Marioara who always guides with humbleness and discretion, to make them free and autonomous. For that, I am infinitely grateful to her.

Hélène Ferrari

Jérôme Courjault
I got to know Marioara while training as a Professional Coach. Professional is the word that suits her perfectly.  Her skills are as impressive as her capacity to constantly learn and develop herself. Make no mistake, Marioara is not just a top athlete with all the qualities that it requires, she is also a “whole” coach who is able to support anyone with their transformations. Beautiful memories, a beautiful person and a friend

Jérôme Courjault

Elise Arnould
I really enjoyed working with Marioara. I immediately appreciated her approach and her gentleness combined with a lot of professionalism. I found in her an attentive, benevolent coach with a fine mind, impactful and efficient. She knew how to make me aware of certain issues which ultimately led me to new heights, put things into perspective, change my approach and ask myself good questions. A big thank you for your generosity.

Elise Arnould

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