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Coaching is a support process aimed at determining and achieving a personal or professional goal from the expression of a request. A life coach supports his client in his personal development and the achievement of his own goals. It implies that the person blocked in his situation, is in a desire for change with a logic of meaning for him. It is the desire to move from situation A to situation B, rather than no longer wanting to be in situation A. The more intense the commitment of the client, the easier it will be to achieve the objective. This process therefore requires clarifying this request. Because even if a request is similar, the goal will not be expressed in the same way from one person to another.


The 3 steps of thinking about setting the goal:

The goal clarification phase

The first phase is the phase of clarifying the objective of your project. First, to specify what you want, it is a matter of maturing the project, of defining who you are, what are your expectations, your values, your skills. Next, it is about identifying the general objective of your project and considering the options, evaluating them and selecting the one that suits you. This will allow you to check that your project motivates you, that you want to get started.

 The preparatory phase for the realization

The second phase corresponds to the preparatory phase for the realization of the project. It is about defining your strategy, breaking down the general objective of the project into sub-goals, identifying the resources, the goals and the options for each. All this thinking will allow you to put in place your action plan positioned in time.

 The implementation phase

The 3rd phase corresponds to the implementation phase of the project. This is the phase where the project comes to fruition. The implementation starts with the launch of the first actions to deploy your project. At this point, it is important to know how to communicate about your project and to bring it to life.


The goal of coaching is to help the client to develop their potential. I will accompany you towards the change while favoring the dynamics and helping you to reveal your capacity.

Individual coaching


Individual coaching – 1h30

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