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The coaching sessions will meet the client’s needs by following methodologies and techniques recognised in the trade. Its main goal is to expand self-reliance on a personal and professional level.
The coaching approach focuses on the development of resources that the client could use to improve their performance and well-being in the long term.
The coaching process helps you become the best version of yourself. This allows you to identify goals, gain clarity and confidence.
Thanks to coaching you will discover your source of strength, a sense of purpose, as well as your personal resources to overcome any difficulty.

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Easy Start

Monthly price
Coaching over 2 months
1 Pre-Coaching Session
3 Coaching Sessions

Good Choice

Monthly price
Coaching over 3 months
1 Pre-Coaching Session
6 Coaching Sessions
Free Email Support

Great Change

Monthly price
Coaching over 5 months
1 Pre-Coaching Session
10 coaching sessions
Free Email Support