Let nature show you who you are.

If we take a moment  to stop for a few minutes, we realize that nature has so much to teach us and to make us discover. Each flower, tree, insect, bird is associated with the expression of a feeling. The color, the air, the energy play a lot in the meaning we give it.
Being in contact with nature promotes our physical and psychological well-being.
The countless virtues have a positive impact on our health, well-being, sleep and stress level which decreases significantly.

To feel the benefits of (re) connecting with nature:
👉 try to practice an outdoor physical activity such as Yoga, Pilates, active walking, jogging or others, this will give you a note of positivity and more energy;
👉 practice meditation, it will increase vitality, reduce stress level and develop your creativity because during its practice you would lower the level of brain thoughts to Alpha level (the best level for making decisions);
👉 oxygenate yourself in connection with nature, this will increase your intellectual performance, increase alertness, concentration, memory and physical performance;
👉 observe and let yourself be guided by the dance of the seasons, feel the different smells, noises, the wind, the rays of the sun on your skin, watch the beauty of the sunset and feel the little raindrops on your face, it will will make you happy.

It all seems logical, we all know. But by living in cities, always being busy and distracted, we tend to forget that we are an integral part of nature.