Authenticity is the essential virtue of a person

My today’s thought about authenticity came up in my mind stronger than never, so l’ve decided to make a little post about it.

Don’t sell yourself for interests, business and celebrity!

Don’t sell your values!

Don’t sell your integrity and authenticity!

Don’t sell your education that your parents sacrificed for giving it to you!

Don’t sell yourself only for to be able to pay your bills, rents, food and comforting details.

Don’t take the easy way, because in the end it will catch you up and there will always be a gap in your soul where you will realize you’ve lived an unfulfilled life not being yourself at all, not being authentic, just following like a PHANTOM…..being there without being HERE. Your life will be then meaningless.

Instead, reinvent yourself, grow as much as possible, fail – FAIL as more as possible and restart again. Certainly is not the most comfortable way, but the most precious one!

Being authentic, being yourself, implies acting with this feeling of well-being, of coherence, and it is this feeling that gives confidence and creates openness in others. The more authentic moments you experience, the greater your success and happiness will be.

What you are Today, is the result of what the future generations will be. So ask yourself Who You Are and in which society you want your kids to live in?!

Life is short, be YOURSELF, be authentic!