Depression is a mental disorder that is characterized by great sadness, feelings of hopelessness or loss of motivation.

Hypnosis is the standard treatment for treating depression. Hypnotherapy allows the practitioner to induce a state of trance to the person using suggestions, metaphors or symbols. This technique allows a person to enter an altered state of consciousness that is neither a sleeping state nor a waking state. It’s a state that everyone tries every day and most of the time, without even knowing it. This state is the same as putting you into a daydream, letting your body run free.

The person in a hypnotic state remains conscious and all the senses are awake. If some do not remember anything, others remember all or part of the session. This state allows you to transform your way of perceiving a situation and modify certain perceptions of it, such as pain or fear.

Hypnosis helps to cure depression and acts at the psychical  level, also allows to repair the physical balance. The idea is to solicit the internal resources of the subject, so that he manages in this modified state of consciousness, to install protections and come back with the benefits. In other words, the goal is to bring greater autonomy by learning self-hypnosis.

The results show that hypnosis improves sleep and concentration disorders, ruminations and the functioning of the autonomic nervous system in patients with depression

In the process, you can break free from your symptoms, heal from depression, and see your zest for life increase, come out of your state of exhaustion, and feel your energy grow as soon as you no longer need it to suppress your truth.
The fatigue typical of depression appears whenever we repress our intense emotions, when we minimize the memories of the body and do not want to pay attention to them.


  •  Why do these positive developments occur relatively infrequently?


  •  Why do most people, including specialists, prefer to believe in the power of drugs rather than being guided by the body?


It is the body that knows exactly what we are missing, what we need, what we have had to endure and what has caused an allergic reaction in us. But many people prefer to resort to medicine, drugs or alcohol, which further closes their path to the truth.

For what ? because does the truth hurt? It is indisputable.

But these pains are transient and bearable if you are in good company. The session with your hypnotherapist will be a base, a solid base that you can decide to deepen and make your own.