“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers” – Harry Truman.

The meaning of this quote is understandable to everyone. It is not enough to know, to listen, to learn, these actions are natural for us humans since our birth, it is important that after them we form a well-defined path and more often apply uncomfortable situations in our routine. daily to subsequently obtain visible indoor and outdoor comfort.

But how do we come to be our own leaders?

Well, the secret is in our habits.

  • How to learn a new language?
  • How to get rid of extra pounds?
  • How to evolve in the new business?
  • How to revitalize the couple relationship?
  • The answer to all these questions lies in our daily habits.

The first step would be to define what they are? How to change or improve them? What are the pleasures of these habits?

When we want to change a habit, we identify the categories of behaviors in advance to examine them and see patterns:

1. Location – Where does this habit occur?
2. Time – What time does it arrive?
3. Emotional state – What is it?
4. Scope – Who is there right now?
5. The Postman – What action preceded the call?

After answering these questions, we will find out the dependent factors that respond to these habits because we are not getting what we want. The suggestion – let’s try, step by step, to replace the “parasitic” habit with a new productive habit.

Yes, I know, this article is full of questions, but it is the role of a Coach, to ask questions, the answer of which guides towards an autonomous inner evolution.

We are what we do over and over again. Many daily movements become common through repetition. Habits do not only concern actions (sport, reading, eating, etc.), but also habits of thought and emotion. Have you ever wondered why you always attract the same type of people to your life?

Cognitive and emotional habits are just as important as habits of action. So watch out for repetitive thoughts, emotions and desires.
and intrusive.

We are creatures of habit. Our brain doesn’t differentiate between good habits and bad habits, but if your brain likes the reward, it will want it when the repetition returns. What is the reward for each custom formed? Do you know the answer.

After this productive reading, I invite you to become aware and initiate long-term change in small steps. Memorize something new every day, a foreign language, a dance, a text read – they will increase mental stamina, neurons will be better preserved and make our brains stronger.
2. Expose your brain and body to new experiences – travel !!! When we visit new places we get out of the daily routine, we see the world with different eyes, everything is new from what we see, it forces the brain to be more attentive, but also more flexible to adapt to new circumstances.
3. Exercise – physical exercise creates new neural cells and improves cognitive performance.
4. Nutrition – the factor that keeps us alive, so I won’t do a long text on this topic, just every time you want to eat something, ask yourself: is this food good for my brain and my brain? body ? I assure you, it works !!!
5. Our thoughts, emotions and memories all come from our brain and define who we are.

Affect your brain and mind with healthy habits.